183 souls were added to the kingdom on this campaign. Don Iverson invited John Foster and I to work in Tamil Nadu (southern India) for about the span of three weeks. Our days would begin at 5:30 AM, traveling to preach in various villages.

On average as many as 15 to 20 areas heard the gospel daily. Don spent a lot of time on this campaign helping to train us by his example.

He showed us how to preach a loving

Christ to the very hospitable Indian people.

There is nothing better than working with brethren who are strong evangelists who present the gospel with fire in their bones! Don Iverson is one of those men, but on this trip I worked with my translator Santana Raj, and Arockiadas. I was very fortunate to work with Raj on

my first trip to India. He is an excellent husband and father, but on top of that, an excellent evangelist and translator! Brother Arockiadas is no less the same, a powerful preacher of the gospel. We were able to help encourage more than several congregations on the this trip and also spent time teaching others, planting the

seed of the kingdom. 43 souls were added by the Lord

on this campaign.

I was able to learn a lot about "teaching others" on this campaign because I was able to work with not only a scholar, but an evangelist who has trained many in the way of soul winning.

Brother Owen Olbricht teaches the gospel in such a way that you can not walk away saying that you misunderstood him. We worked in the cities of Turin and Agariqua for two weeks. We set up studies from house to house during the day and preached in the evenings. Six souls obeyed the gospel and were added by the Lord to His kingdom.

Don and I traveled together for a two-week soul winning campaign. The goal of each day was to teach the gospel message to as many souls as possible. We traveled from Coimbatore all the way south to Kannyiyakumari. Each of us had a van with at least six to seven men working along with us.

With this campaign and the last one under my

belt I had learned the all important lesson of "teamwork" in evangelism (Col. 4:7-15)!

It is never a one man show when bringing

others to the truth (I Cor. 3:6-9, John 15:5).

208 souls were added by the Lord to His kingdom.

Brother Scott Shanahan and his beautiful wife Rebecca are doing a great work on the island of Pohnpei, Micronesia. I was privileged to travel with about twenty other brethren to help on a two-week campaign.

The first week was filled with door knocking to invite souls to see a video presentation called "Searching for Truth." The teens that came on the trip helped to run

a VBS for all the youngsters that came with their

parents. It was a fine effort with the Lord

adding 18 to the kingdom.

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