1. 3.CONVERT- After we have spent some quality time with those we are trying to reach, prayerfully we will have developed some credibility. Can they trust us? Are we practicing what we are teaching? We have to be a living example for those we are trying to reach (I Cor. 11:1; Col. 4:6). I believe at this point the method of teaching will take care of itself. (see the link - evangelism tools) We will not necessarily have a one size fits all approach. Remember the Lord was confronted with different hearts and situations daily. His approach was defined by those He was dealing with at the moment. This means we have to devote more time to practical study and application of the principles we learn from Scripture..

  1. 1.CONTACT- In our technological, hustle and bustle world folks are connected via e-mail, facebook or whatever, but can still be so disconnected. If we want to reach others for Christ, we have to have /contact/ with them! We need to share our lives with people and let them know that we too, are real! That we have real life struggles such as they. Are you being friendly? Are you moved with compassion for others as the Lord was? Teaching others to teach will begin with our desire to have contact with them, not just electronically, but face to face. Please consider: Proverbs 18:24; Matthew 9:36; I Thessalonians 2: 7-11;  John 17:15.


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  1. 2.CULTIVATE - Preparing hearts for the planting of the seed, the word of God (Luke 8:11), should take us out of ourselves and into their world. Jesus spent time with individuals along the way! He invited himself into their presence and helped to create an interest in spiritual matters     (John 4; Luke 19:5). Creating interest in the message may be easier if we show others how much we truly care for them. Are we taking an interest in the life of the soul we are trying to reach or are we trying to make them another notch on our belt? We need to lead others from where “they” are, and help to bring them where the “Lord” wants them to be.

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